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What’s inside the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is way more than a musical—it’s a way to find comfort, guidance, and direction in your life. Learn from fellow Aussies how the stories, teachings, and principles found throughout the Book of Mormon can help you find peace and happiness in your life.
It gives me clarity and hope.
Steve and Whitney are a married couple with one very important thing in common: they both find direction for their lives within the pages of the Book of Mormon.
It’s had a profound influence on my life.
Grant feels a great love for his family, including those family members who have passed away. When he reads the Book of Mormon, he finds reassurance that he will see them again someday. 
Every time I read it I feel the same love and understanding.
During trials or hard times, Natasha reads the Book of Mormon. It helps her to feel God’s love for her—and for all of His children.
When Will faced a difficult professional decision, he turned to the Book of Mormon for the guidance he needed to make the right choice.
There’s always something I can read that will uplift me.
During a period of personal turmoil, Amelia was struggling to find hope. A passage in the Book of Mormon is where she found it.